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Katarzyna Bortnowska

Rzeczywistość radziecka we wczesnych opowiadaniach Kuźmy Czornego


Kuzma Chorny was one of the most popular Belarusian writers in 20-th century. Although the writer himself did not declare unequivocally his communist views and as a result of accusations of espionage was in prison, his prose is considered by Belarusian scholars as socialistic. The purpose of this article was to prove that such an interpretation of the political significance of Chorny’s creativity was the result of fixed in Belarusian literature studies failed test methods, which origins reach the time of socialism. Based on the early stories of the novelist, created at the time of his membership in the literary grouping Maladniak, the author proves that Chorny’s approach to the communist regime was not unequivocal. Describing the initial phase of the introduction of communism in Belarus (in particular the Belarusian villages), the writer emphasizes the inaccuracy of the methods, the lack of previous preparation of the main political agitators and not taking into account the factor of human psychology in transition state.